Monday, 28 November 2011

Twenties party!

Para mi cumpleaños hice una fiesta temática... de los años 20!!! Quise torturar un poco a mis amigos y los obligué a disfrazarse... Bueno, a algunos no hizo falta porque ya suelen ir disfrazados. He hecho una recopilación de las fotos que han salido mejor, aunque no sale todo el mundo, la iluminación era tan mala que sale todo borroso!

For my birthday I made a themed party... the roaring twenties!!! I wanted to torture my friends a little bit and I forced them to disguise... In fact, it wasn't necessary at all because some of them ar used to be disguised. I have made a compilation of the better photographs, although not everyone appears, the light was so bad that everything looks blurred!

Chicabcn as... the Godfather! She looks awesome!

Marie, our favourite singer!

Ivan, her boyfriend

Carlota, my roommate!

Elisa, tired of wearing a tight corset

Carlota and Israel, my lifelong friends

Tenshi, one of my beautiful models!

Magda and Xavi, they are always living in the past (you can't see the difference here, but in real life they also look black and white)

And this is me with my new hat!

We were having dinner at Galeria Rosa Blanca, it is a very beautiful place, it has vintage and art nouveau style, and they organize concerts, parties...


  1. Esta visto que me pega vestirme de hombre, creo que voy a dar un cambio radical en mi vestimenta :))))

  2. No sabia que tenies aquest blog!! buaaa noia quina pasote de fotoos! m'hauria encantat anar-hi T_T quina ràbia! espero que es torni a repetir i poder anar!! *_*

  3. Qué guapísimas y cómo les echo de menos ;_;