Monday, 15 February 2010

Twenties? First try!

We had a meet-up with 30 lolitas!!! And it was carnival, so I wanted to make a twenties look. It was my first try, and I am horrible making hairdos (I had very long hair and I had to make it seem short LOL). These are some photographs that I took for inspiration, the point of fashion was a 1920 cabaret:

And finally, my pictures!

This is what I was wearing:

Corset: Millefleurs
Cutsew: Queen of Darkness
Skirt: Innocent World
Mini-hat: Claire's
Earrings: Bijou Briggite
Short necklace: River Island
Tights: H&M

I recommend you this site: Vinmag. They sell antique magazines and posters, I found lots of beautiful pictures! Click the image to see it:

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Tutorial: sewing machine cover

My sewing machine cover was really ugly and it was broken, so I wanted to make another one. I looked at this tutorial to make a bag from Gosurori vol.9. You can take a look here, there's more scans and patterns. But I can't scan more because my computer is very slow T_T
Anyway, perhaps you'll find something useful.

The tutorial to make a sewing machine cover is even easier, but you can also make a bag with it, here it is!

1. You have to cut only one piece, in the photograph it is folded, but it should look like this:

2. Fold the piece and then sew the sides as in the picture (in the picture is wrong, because in fact you shouldn't see the print when you fold it).

3. Then sew the corners as showed in the picture:

4. Now you just have to overlock and sew the hems, and it's finished!

This is what it looks like, now I love my sewing corner! xD

I bought this lovely fabric at Paris Bebe, they have beautiful prints!

Remember that you can also find me here:

Monday, 8 February 2010

Narcissique re-ressurrection and Cakeland

Image by Mahmood al Khaja

Hi! I've been very busy these months, because I found a job in the bookshop of a museum. I love it! It has lots of interesting books, there's pop surrealism everywhere, it will be my ruin!! So, I wanted to show you one of the first artists that I discovered there, he is
Scott Hove and here there are some of his cake sculptures:

First, I wanted to eat all these cream and cherries, but then, I discovered that it was the cake who was planning to eat me!! OMG, I want these shoes *_*