Thursday, 18 March 2010

New fabric, new tags!

New fabrics! I bought these to make totebags, the doll prints are very cute, and the chihuahuas making bento boxes are very funny! This is the result:

I have added them to the catalog, with a new lay-out, perhaps it is less confusing than the other one.

And I also made a new flier, that I will also use for the tags, I found this lovely rococo picture in an old typography book:

And, as promised, I want to show some pictures of what we were selling with my friends at Japan Weekend, every time they make more cute things! Here there are Mavako's dolls:

Yayra's cute rings:

These fabulous prints were a skirt and a bag!

And some mini-hats:

What do you like more?

Remember that you can also find me here:


  1. Pero mira que m'agraden els gossos mexicans aqueeeests!

    Són més monus, aveure si aneu tenint mes sort amb les ventes T_T

  2. those bags look adorable!! do they come with a zipper by any chance?

  3. buff mho vaig perdre X_X, (treball, cansansi, etc) la propera vegada està prohibit no anar-hi!! que guapes anaveu totes i cuantes cosetes boniques!