Thursday, 11 February 2010

Tutorial: sewing machine cover

My sewing machine cover was really ugly and it was broken, so I wanted to make another one. I looked at this tutorial to make a bag from Gosurori vol.9. You can take a look here, there's more scans and patterns. But I can't scan more because my computer is very slow T_T
Anyway, perhaps you'll find something useful.

The tutorial to make a sewing machine cover is even easier, but you can also make a bag with it, here it is!

1. You have to cut only one piece, in the photograph it is folded, but it should look like this:

2. Fold the piece and then sew the sides as in the picture (in the picture is wrong, because in fact you shouldn't see the print when you fold it).

3. Then sew the corners as showed in the picture:

4. Now you just have to overlock and sew the hems, and it's finished!

This is what it looks like, now I love my sewing corner! xD

I bought this lovely fabric at Paris Bebe, they have beautiful prints!

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  1. Es geniaaal!
    Creo que haré una yo también, que siempre s eme llena de polvo T__T!
    Muchas gracias por subirlo!

  2. Es de mis telas favoritas de las que trabajas :) Y te ha quedado estupensamente, como todo.